My Ideas:

Keep Salem Above Water.
Salem was born from the water. It’s beauty is only comparable to the risk we take by living by it, and we respect that risk. We need to improve our coastal resilience and lower our flood risk and accompanying burden for our hardworking families now, and those to come.

Keep Salem Growing.
Our city is an old one, with that comes maintenance and replacement of old infrastructure. Our families can’t withstand additional property tax hikes for every project the city needs. The answer is Cannabis; we can create a new revenue stream that will fund improvements, lower violent crime, and keep Salem growing.

Gone are the days of witch hunts.
We are a community, we do not exclude and deport good, hardworking people who respect their fellow residents based on, for the vast majority, clerical work or the lack thereof. If someone is a problem regardless of color, sex, orientation, or document status we will act accordingly as we always have. Stop scapegoating the marginalized; it’s 2017 not 1692.

Your Ideas: